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Stars Are Not the Same


July Issue of HI Art, 2009

Michael Jackson died suddenly, leaving over so many fans all around the world. ‘Suddenly’: this is the most proper word for describing his death. In China there are also numerous pop stars and movie stars. They resign and then comeback; they often announce that they have come across natural and man-made disasters. However, they are still alive, and what are tortured are the public’s nerves. Maybe we fans will die earlier than them.

Michael Jackson, who has been entitled King of Pop for his incomparable talent, is the most influential western pop musician after Elvis, and his achievement has surpassed the latter. With his well-rounded talent in music, he has extremely succeeded in lyrics writing, composition, scene designing, singing, dancing and playing instruments. He, along with Elvis and Beatles, are the greatest and unfading symbols in the pop-history of the world. He has created modern MV which pushed pop music to its peak; he has integrated black blues with the unique MJ of white rock & roll. With unprecedentedly top-class quality, his Thriller is the top selling album in the world, with a sale of 104 million copies, and his legal albums have a total sale of 750 million copies: an incomparable progress. Besides, it is he who has independently supported 39 charities aid foundations, which made him the person who has made the most donations with individual name in the world.

Countless pop stars try to imitate his brilliant dance, and no Chinese singer can match him in musical creation and singing. He has created lyrics, music, dances and MVs for his 62 songs. The longest MV Ghost made by him is 35 minutes long, just like a mini-movie; and another one Scream cost more than 100 million yuan. He has purchased 50% of music copyright from SONY/ATV, including 100 songs by Beatles and most of classic music by Elvis; at the same time, Michael Jackson also has his own record company as well as the copyright of all of his songs. His global traveling show named HISTORY TOUR lasted 13 months, with 4.6 million audience and 82 performances, all songs during which were sung in live voice.

He is really famous and mighty. Here I just want to mention something happened in China. Sichuan people had planned to invite Michael Jackson to perform in Chengdu, and Bobby Taylor, his teacher and musical director, went there in March, 2009 for negotiation. However, all performance agents were frightened and frustrated by the astonishing cost: just the round trip would cost 1.5 million dollars, including the large charted plane, 6 luxury limousines, two stories in a 5-star hotel, as well as the all-day protection offered by 200 guardians, not to say the price of his performance. Even his blessing VCR alone is valued 500 thousand.

He has also created much news. He has spent huge sum of money in body bleaching, which made his nose sink frequently. He has got more than 500 million dollars through the divorce from two wives (one of them was Liza, Elvis daughter), and then spent 70 or 80 million dollars on his children. With a fortune of nearly a billion dollars, he has been qualified for creating news. When he was still alive, his only wish was to go shopping freely and casually, just like Chinese people going to Likelong, which is much cooler than those show off their experience on media that they have been to boutiques in Paris, Hong Kong and China World Shopping Mall.

Jackson’s death marks the end of a certain period of history, with which his outstanding style of a real star has also gone. What Chinese singers should learn from him is his high-standard creative and singing quality, rather than his news and other things. Otherwise, it is really a suffering for we audience to ‘enjoy’ their awkward performances.

Zhu Wei

Sunday, June 28th, 2009








Michael Jackson迈克尔·杰克逊说死嘎嘣儿就死了,撇下全世界老老少少这么多歌迷、粉丝、龙虾什么的,连哼都没哼一声。就一个字,脆。不像我们这儿这帮歌星、影星,一天到晚一会儿引退,一会儿复出,一会儿天灾,一会儿人祸,就是不见死,光折磨老百姓玩儿,歌迷、粉丝恨不得都死他们头里。


杰克逊魔鬼般的舞步让无数明星效仿,他的原创、真唱水准在中国根本找不出一个和他稍微能接近的。他为62首自己所唱的歌作词,作曲,编舞,制作MV。他制作了史上最长的MV《Ghost》,35分钟,赶上一小电影,还耗资一亿多人民币拍了一MV《Scream》。他购买了索尼唱片ATV50%的音乐版权,包括披头士乐队100首歌曲、猫王的大部分经典名曲。他同时还拥有自己的唱片公司和自己所有歌曲的版权。迈克尔·杰克逊的《HISTORY TOUR》全球巡回演出,为期13个月,观众460万人,82场演出没一首歌不是真唱的。