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Just Let It Fly One Day More (II)


Hi Art March Issue, 2011

The final movie box office results of 2010: Avatar, RMB 1,378,700,000; Aftershock, RMB 665,050,000; both If You Are the One 2 and Let the Bullets Fly exceed RMB 500,000,000; Inception, RMB 499,900,000; Alice in Wonderland, RMB 226,400,000; Sacrifice, RMB 180,000,000; Under the Hawthorn Tree, RMB 144,000,000. The total box office of the year is RMB 10,172,000,000. The box office consists of every ticket the audience, like democratic election, one ticket is a vote. Take Avatar as an example, at least one hundred million people bought tickets and saw the movie. Of course, someone may watch it twice or even three times, but half of the box office of nearly RMB 14,000,000,000 cannot be false.

The article goes after the far-away at the expense of the near-at-hand. Talking about Chinese contemporary movie is because I am at a far distance from it and can see it more clearly with my standing in another circle, and in the meantime I have my interest in it. The art circle seems more and more blurred to me and I become more and more confused. I am unable to bring up any topic about it, so I don’t want to involve in it. Last time I talked about the status of Chinese movie in 2010 and the differences between movie and painting creation. And I also introduced what movie is and the birth of Chinese movie. Today let’s move our focus on the production, distribution and screening process of Chinese movie, and the true level of Chinese contemporary movie and the future of Chinese movie.

Domestic movies have maintained strong momentum in recent years. In 2009, the number of domestic movies reached four hundred fifty six, and the box office exceeded RMB 6,200,000,000. In 2010, the number increased to five hundred and the box office topped RMB 10,000,000,000, with a record growth rate of over 60%. At present there are five thousand screens across China. At the beginning of the century, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued documents several times that a project can be brought up based on a single screenplay and both private and state-owned enterprises can invest in film-making. A movie can begin to be shot as long as one page of screenplay outline is approved which means that once you have an idea, you  can build a group to select actors and accept media interviews. Starting the business before thinking the next step.

Movie equipment companies, small or large, from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and America including Cinerent began to land on Chinese market in succession. They provide good services and reasonable prices. You can pay the bill after making movie. Basically these companies provide a complete set of service, you almost don’t worry about anything except you need to bring your actresses. It is heard that some companies are also responsible for resolving disputes.

For example, if you have extra cash and don’t want to deposit it because of depreciation, and neither you want to invest it into stock market for worrying about economic ups and downs. It is also impossible for you to join a business with others and to buy a car plate number. And still you may have bought several houses. For fear of catching up with the policy directly, the best way now is to make a movie. It ensures stable yields for you. Even if you lose money on it, at least you have satisfied your craving and it does not sound terrible.

First you need to think out an idea, or get an idea from others, in the worst case, you spend forty yuan to buy an idea from others. The outline is easy to write for primary school level is enough. The plainer the outline is, the better the chance is for it to pass. Then you can register a company with the address of your own house or your rented house. The sounder and more majestic the name is, the better the effect is, such as universe, earth, international, continental, brothers, father and son, mother and daughter. It would be best that upon hearing the name, people would be surprised to death. Then you find a girl who is your favorite type in street and appoint a director. In this way, you have already entered the film industry. After that, the director will bring you with him to find a movie and TV city or a base in Huairou or Changping of Beijing which provide all-round services including food, accommodation, laundry and travel. Someone will recommend the best equipment to you before you ask. Field workers will take charge of the maintenance of the equipment and you don’t have to worry about that. In case of a spy or psychological movie, you even can finish shooting without going out the film studio. The screenplay can be created impromptu while shooting. Don’t be shy of doing like this, many Hong Kong and Taiwan movies are made in this way including those of Wong Kar-Wai. Each day the whole crew is in attendance and sits there facing one another to plot the screenplay. Before the shooting comes to an end, a number of post-production companies will naturally come to the door and ask to help you make light-match, color-adjustment, effects and synthesis. After completing the shooting of all the materials, the crew is announced to be dismantled, except the director. If you want to save money, you can also drive the director away on the spot.

So far taking account of all the private and state-owned movie companies with a distribution capacity in mainland China, such as China Film Group Corporation, Huayi Brothers, Polybona and China Film Group China New Rural Digital Film Screening Co., Ltd in north China, shanghai Film Group and Media Asia in south China, all of them have distribution rights. As long as the quality is passable and the price is reasonable, distribution is not a problem. (To be continued)

Zhu Wei

Sunday, February 13, 2011