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The Chinese Scholar Ink Paintings and Works of Art 中国当代水墨作品展


New York Exhibition in March

The Contemporary Scholar Studio:Ink Paintings and Works of Art will be held at Fuller Building in New York from March 17 to 23, 2012. The exhibition is presented by five friends of Spring. Five friends with a shared passion for the arts of the Chinese literati aesthetic past and present but each with a distinct expertise come together to present the spirit of the Chinese scholar through objects collected, contemplated and created. From ink paintings and calligraphy to scholar’s rocks, brush pots, brush rests, ink stones, and zitan trays and stands, the scholar’s studio for centuries has been a place of creation and presentation and a refined expression of Chinese taste. Here the comradeship of connoisseurship was celebrated and objects admired for their beauty, links to tradition and power to inspire creativity and contemplation. The current renaissance in Chinese ink painting is represented in this exhibition by internationally acclaimed artists and younger painters on the cusp of renown that resonate with the literati spirit and are at home with objects from the past - a 15th century blue and white mortar, 18th century boxwood Ruyi sceptre or a Qing rootwood waterpot. Contemporary visions in ink and clay combine with objects from the scholar’s desk in wood, bronze, and ceramics to capture the artistic essence of the literati tradition and sensibility. 展览《当代文人工作室:水墨及艺术品》将于2012年3月17日至23日在纽约Fuller大厦举办。此次展览由五位专家合办,收集中国古今幽雅文艺的精华是这五位志同道合专家的特爱。今春展出了他们各人聚集的文人所喜爱收藏的伶巧藏品。 从古至今,创造设计这些品物的出发点是以 雅趣为主。无论书画,灵石,笔筒,笔架,砚台,紫檀文具,几世纪来,这些文人书斋里的摆设表达一个藏家的雅兴。志趣相投的鉴赏家在这里共同欣赏这些文艺精华,体会到创造这些物品的美意,才能。历来中华以书画为上,展出的几位世界闻名及崭露头角的画家的上品代表近人水墨画的成就。这些书画文艺完美的配合著陈列中的十五世纪的青白臼,或十八世纪黄杨木的如意,或清代阴木水盂。现代水墨画或陶瓷创造品,陪伴著这些文房四宝,无论是木,青铜,或陶瓷,它们都有传统的文人雅意。

List of the artists: Tai Xiangzhou · Xu Lei · Li Huayi · Li Jin · Zhu Wei ·  Arnold Chang · The Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat · Cai Xiaosong ·  Meng Zhao · Zeng Xiaojun · Qian Dajing · Shi Guorui ·  Hao Liang · Xiao Xu · Qin Feng 参展艺术家:泰祥洲 · 徐累 · 李华弋 · 李津 · 朱伟 · 张洪 · 水松石山房藏珍玩 · 蔡小松 ·  赵梦 · 曾小俊 · 钱大经 · 史国瑞 · 郝量 · Xiao Xu · 秦风

Presented by The Five Friends of Spring: Berwald Oriental Art · Katherine Don · Marcus Flacks · Maria Kiang Chinese Art · Mee-Seen Loong Fine Art LLC 五位专家:Berwald东方艺术 · 唐凯琳 · Marcus Flacks · Maria Kiang Chinese Art · 龙美仙艺术机构

5f fuller building | 595 madison avenue | new york 纽约曼迪逊大街595号Fuller大厦五层

New Work 2012 New Work 2012



Tel Aviv Museum of Art

From October 22 2011 to February 10 2012, ROUNDABOUT: FACE TO FACE will be held at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel. The exhibition presents works mainly of artists from the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Zhu Wei's aluminium sculpture China China is chosen by the curators for inclusion in the exhibition. 从2011年10月22日至2012年2月10日,展览“ROUNDABOUT:面对面”将在以色列的特拉维夫美术馆举行。包括朱伟创作的铝雕塑《中国中国》在内,此次展览将展出主要来自远东、澳大利亚、新西兰的多位艺术家的作品。

Link: www.tamuseum.com

Digital Exhibition 'Concept Comes Before The Brush' at Artwe.com (Shanghai) 上海艺维虚拟美术馆展览“意在笔先”



Solo Exhibition Held in Seoul 朱伟首尔个展


zhu wei exhibition Holiday No.4 Holiday No.5 Vernal Equinox No.17 Vernal Equinox No.18 Zhu Wei Exhibition at Simyo Gallery Zhu Wei Exhibition at Simyo Gallery

2011.9.1 THU- 9.30 FRI 2011年9月1日~9月30日


37-1 Sagan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-190, Korea 韩国首尔钟路区社稷洞37-1

Tel 电话 822-739-7517 Fax 传真 822-739-7518



In Bloom Fully Open 《盛开》MV


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After ten months in production, Miserable Faith's music video In Bloom Fully Open has been finished recently. 历时十个月,痛仰乐队MV《盛开》于近日完成。

Crew of Miserable Faith‘s “In Bloom Fully Open”: director Zhu Wei, chief cameraman Wu Jing, photographer and executive producer Yu Jie, log keeper and montage Zhou Li, assistant cameraman Li Jia, recordist Lian Yawen, makeup artist He Juan, costume Zhang Chenxue, lighting engineer Lao Si, snapshots photographers Wang Zheng, Huang Shenghan and Xie Teng. Post-Production: Beijing Kunlun Film Company. Miserable Faith band members: Gao Hu (Vocal), Zhang Jing (Bass), Song Jie (Guitar), Da Wei (Drummer), Tian Ran (Solo Guitar), Qi Jing (Accordion). 痛仰乐队《盛开》MV摄制组:导演朱伟、摄影邬竞、摄影兼制片主任于捷、场记兼剪辑周莉、摄影助理李佳、录音连雅文、化妆何娟、服装张晨雪、灯光老四、花絮摄影王铮、黄圣涵、谢腾。后期制作:北京昆仑阳光影视文化传播有限公司。痛仰乐队成员:高虎(主唱)、张静(贝斯)、宋捷(吉他)、大伟(鼓手)、田然(吉他)、齐静(手风琴)。

tudou MV Sidelights 花絮

Contemporary Chinese Ink on Paper 意在笔先-中国当代水墨画展


Eli Klein Fine Art is going to present “Contemporary Chinese Ink on Paper,” an exhibition featuring new works by Li Jin, Liu Qinghe, Wang Jinsong, Wei Dong, Wu Yi and Zhu Wei. It goes without saying that the Chinese ink painting holds very particular connotations. For a general audience, Chinese ink painting means elegant calligraphy and profoundly subtle landscapes. It suggests moral overtones, and often represents a mythic Chinese proximity to the spiritual. This show has gathered artists who, to different degrees, exploit the classic nature of the genre known as ‘ink painting,’ and who, in separating the genre from the medium, create visually engaging and often humorous works of art. 艺莱纽约画廊将举办“意在笔先—中国当代水墨画展”, 展出六位艺术家:李津, 刘庆和,王劲松, 魏东, 武艺以及朱伟最新的作品。 毋庸置疑,水墨作为画材具有非常特殊的意义。对于观众来说,中国水墨画意味着优美的书法和对山水深远微妙的描绘。它象征着一种精神追求,具有神秘的意境。参展的艺术家都不同程度地借用水墨画已被人所熟知的传统,却将画材与题材分离,从而创造出极具幽默感和视觉魅力的画作。

For some artists, the sentimentality of traditional ink painting is a spark for their sardonic wit. Li Jin mythologizes the everyday in a series of works. Referencing the illustrations of traditional Chinese literature, he replaces the heroic journeys of antiquity with irreverent anecdotes about domestic life. Wu Yi also subverts the romance of tradition, whose quiet, novel scenes belie darker themes that hint at Revolutionary politics. 对于这些艺术家来说,传统水墨画那种多愁善感的特质正是他们风趣幽默的灵感来源。在李津的作品中,日常生活被涂上了一层神话般的色彩。他借用了表现中国古代文学的连环画,内容却用家庭琐事来取代古代英雄的征程。武艺则颠覆了浪漫主义传统,在安静的小说一般的场景背后,是挑战现实的黑色幽默。

Several artists challenge one’s formal expectations of the medium. Liu Qinghe and Wang Jingsong’s compositions capitalize on the ink’s watery nature and its capacity to render energy and movement.  Wei Dong, on the other hand, bypasses ink almost entirely. Vaguely rendered ink landscapes serve as backdrops to surreal erotic apparitions painted in acrylic. 他们的作品挑战了人们对于水墨题材的固有认知。刘庆和,王劲松的构图正是利用水墨流动的特质,来表现能量以及动态。魏东则仅仅在背景中略微地使用水墨来描绘山水,模糊存在的山水将前景中超现实的油画人物突显出来。

Still other artworks transcend the tenuous relationship between tradition and modernity to address sociopolitical issues. For Zhu Wei, ink painting is overtly presented as an imprint of Chinese culture. His artistic witticisms derive their power from Revolutionary politics, namely the propagandistic tenets of Social Realism. 还有一些画作在题材上跨越传统和现代,并用古今关系来暗喻社会政治现实。朱伟的艺术追求体现在批判现实上。他认为,水墨画在中国文化中的代表性被夸大了。他的题材则取自社会主义的宣传策略。


This exhibition will be on view at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York from May 11 through June 26, 2011. 本展览将于2011年5月11日至6月26日在纽约艺莱画廊举办。


Group Exhibition "All Things Small and Beautiful" in New York 纽约群展“万物有灵且美”


Album of Vernal Equinox No.1 Album of Vernal Equinox No.2 Album of Vernal Equinox No.7 Exhibition Exhibition

March 18 - 25, 2011 2011年3月18-25日

Curator 策展人:Mee Seen Loong 龙美仙

Artists 参展艺术家:Arnold Chang, Li Huayi, Li Jin, Liu Dan, Meng Zhao, Qin Feng, Xu Lei, Zhu Wei. 张洪、李华弋、李津、刘丹、赵梦、秦风、徐累、朱伟。

Venue: MD Flacks, 32 east 57th street 20/F, New York, USA 美国纽约57街东32号20/F

"Twenty years ago the then twenty-seven-year-old Zhu Wei was discovered at Guangzhou’s China Art Expo. His work was quickly pigeon-holed as Political Pop or Cynical Realism, designations that continue to rankle him and do a disservice to his subtle, sophisticated and ultimately humanist art. His punkish appearance and signature figures with their large square heads and thick lips disguise a cultured man whose taste runs from Bono to Bartok and whose art looks to Song and Tang masterpieces for inspiration and technique. He is a visual diarist of the daily world who chronicles the life around and within him with a soft palette and wry gentleness. Traditional symbols and persona mingle with street corner characters with baggy sweatshirts and ear buds. Among those traditional motifs, peaches, the symbol of long life, have been a recurring presence in his art. Inspired by the Yongzheng famille-rose peach vase now in the Shanghai Museum, Zhu Wei has embarked on a series of charming portraits of this fruit long the subject of Chinese art and perhaps for him a reaffirmation of simple virtues under siege in the materialism of a changing China." “二十年前,那时在广州中国艺术展览会中刚二十七岁的朱伟给发现了。他很快的变成当时注目的政治流行或讥笑现实主义画家。这样的称号使他很难过,对他灵巧,懂世故,人性的艺术品有损害。他摇滚派的衣著,画的大方头,厚嘴唇的标点人形遮蔽了一个有文学的人。他爱好的音乐从Bono到Bartok,他画的灵感和技巧是从唐,宋名家而来。他是一个视察日常生活者,用轻笔调色,沮丧的温柔来记载著旋转他附近的生活,传统的符号和街边穿了阔大的汗衫,带了耳环的人物角色。寿桃是他常用传统性的主题,这是受了上海博物馆陈列的雍正粉彩,玫瑰寿桃花瓶的影响。朱伟画了几集有魔力性的寿桃,这题材是中国画家所久爱好的。可能也是他对目前崇拜唯物主义的中国要显示单纯物质主义的优点。”

——From preface of catalogue All Things Bright & Beautiful - Works In Ink and Clay By Chinese Artists. 载自画册《万物有灵且美-中国艺术家水墨及陶艺作品》前言

Exhibition in Tokyo 东京展览


two red glags no.5 Holidays No.3 假日三号 Holidays, No.2

April 1st through June 5th 2011 2011年4月1日至6月5日



TEL 电话 03-5695-6600 FAX 传真 03-5724-5975


Introduction in Japanese 日文介绍:

北京出身の作家、朱伟は日本では初となる个展を东京日本桥のトビン オオハシ ギャラリ一にて4月1日より开催致します。  

朱伟は世界的に活跃する中国インクを使った现代を代表する中国の画家で 朱伟の作り出す作品はどこか传统的で中国のノスタルジックな子供时代の风景を思い起こさせる。

朱伟は1966年北京出身。ア一ミ一アカデミ一ア一ト、北京フィルムアカデミ一、中国インステテュ一トオブア一トで学び、现在は8册以上もの本の出版をしている。现在、彼のペイント作品、版画作品 ?刻は国内外で25以上もの美术馆などに所藏されています。朱伟のア一ト作品は彼自身の经验と记忆と时代の景观を元に资本主义の经济に开放されています。

Tokyo Exhibition

artscape.ne.jp | the-diplomat.com | The Japan Times | 雅昌 artron.net | art-it.asia

ShContemporary 10 2010 年上海国际艺术博览会国际当代艺术展


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The J. Bastien ART gallery from Belgium was invited as Best of Galleries (ShContemporary’s unique selection of invited Asian and International galleries) to attend ShContemporary10, which will take place from September 9th to September 12th 2010 in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The J. Bastien ART gallery is Zhu Wei's long-term cooperation partner in Europe. This time they brought two of Zhu Wei's paintings, together with works by Chu Teh-Chun and Zao Woi-Ki to show in the arts pageant. In 2010 Zhu Wei created four ink and color on papers totally, the small paintings exhibited in ShContemporary are two of them. 比利时的Bastien画廊是朱伟在欧洲合作多年的伙伴,也是此次由ShContemporary精心挑选并邀请参展的顶级画廊之一。日前Bastien画廊携朱德群、赵无极、朱伟等画家的作品参加于上海展览中心举办的2010年上海国际艺术博览会当代艺术展,展期为9月9日至12日。朱伟今年共创作了四幅水墨,此次展出即其中两幅新作。

Photos of Credit Suisse Today Art Award 2010 Finalist Exhibition 瑞信.2010今日艺术奖入围作品展照片


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Painting exhibited: Curtain, ink and color on paper, 160 x 200 cm

展出作品:《帷幕》,水墨设色纸本,160 x 200厘米

Zhu Wei's Coming Exhibition: Credit Suisse Today Art Award 2010 Finalist Exhibition 朱伟展览预告:瑞信·2010今日艺术奖入围作品展


Based on the recommendation of 30 recommending committees and the judgment of 12 authentic judges, the exhibition of 2010 Credit Suisse Today Art Award nominators is going to open at Today Art Museum. Zhu Wei's painting will be shown in the exhibition. 经过30位推荐委员推荐参选艺术家,以及12位国内外权威评委的一系列评选后,瑞信·2010今日艺术奖入围作品展即将在今日美术馆开幕。朱伟画作将于此展展出。

Today Art Award Today Art Award Today Art Award catalogue

Date: September 2 - 12 展期:9月2日至12日

Finalists 入围艺术家:Liang Shaoji, Liu Xiaodong, MadelIn, Qiu Anxiong, Shi Jinsong, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Yang Fudong, Yin Xiuzhen, Zhu Jia, Zhu Wei. 梁绍基、刘小东、没顶公司、邱黯雄、史金淞、孙原&彭禹、杨福东、尹秀珍、朱加、朱伟。

Venue: Today Art Museum, Beijing 今日美术馆

Introduction of Zhu Wei 朱伟介绍

Shooting MV of Song In Bloom Fully Open 《盛开》MV拍摄花絮


July 10, 2010, Beijing. Zhu Wei directed MV of Song In Bloom Fully Open for famous Chinese heavy metal band Painful Belief (TongYang). 2010年7月10日,朱伟在北京为著名重金属摇滚乐队痛仰执导单曲《盛开》MV。

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Art Hamptons - the inernational fine art fair, USA 美国汉普顿国际艺术博览会


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Represented by Eli Klein Fine Art, Zhu Wei's bronze sculpture China China No.2 is showing at the Art Hamptons, the international fine art fair at Sayre Park Bridgehampton, NY. The art fair lasts from July 9-11, 2010. 朱伟铜雕塑《中国中国二号》在汉普顿国际艺术博览会上Eli Klein画廊的展位展出。博览会于纽约布里奇汉普顿的塞尔公园举办,展期为2010年7月9日到11日。

Group Exhibition "Tradition and Transition" at Williams College Museum of Art, USA 美国威廉姆斯大学美术馆群展《传统与转型》


Williams College Museum of Art Williams College Museum of Art

April 3-August 1, 2010 Williamstown, Mass.- The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) presents Tradition and Transition: Recent Chinese Art from the Collection, an exhibition celebrating a recent gift to the museum of Chinese art dating from the later twentieth century to the present day. This exhibition was organized by Elizabeth Gallerani, Coordinator of Mellon Academic Programs, with Rong Zhao, Graduate Student in the History of Art, Class of 2010, and Patrick Rhine, Class of 2010. On view through August 1, 2010, the exhibition includes twenty-five works of art including paintings and sculptures, most of which were created during the last two decades. 从2010年4月3日至8月1日,美国麻省威廉姆斯镇的威廉姆斯大学美术馆(简称WCMA)将展出二十世纪末迄今的中国艺术作品,展览名为《传统与转型:近期馆藏中国艺术品展》。展览由梅隆学术项目负责人Elizabeth Gallerani策划,该校2010年美术史系毕业生张荣(音译)及Patrick Rhine予以了协助。展期将持续到8月1日,展品包括25件绘画及雕塑,其中大部分都创作于近二十年内。

The eleven featured artists created artworks during a time of extraordinary cultural transformation in China. They made a new visual language that embodies aspects of traditional Chinese art while responding to a time of great transition. While not comprehensive, the works on view represent a range of styles, from more traditional Chinese art to styles utilizing Western techniques or theories, which was permitted after the death of Chairman Mao Zedong in 1976 and the ensuing collapse of the Cultural Revolution. 这11位各具特色的艺术家都是在中国急剧的文化转型中从事着他们的创作。他们创造了一种新的视觉语言,对中国传统艺术和当前社会大转型的现状兼收并蓄。此次展览虽然在全面性上仍存欠缺,但选择的展品能向观者呈现跨越度相当广的不同风格,从偏向于中国传统艺术的,到采纳西方技法和理论的,西方技法理论的传播在1976年毛泽东去世、并因此而促使文革结束后在中国成为可能。

The selected artists include: Nie Ou, Xiao Ping, Xu Lele, Chen Zizhuang, Ding Yanyong, Hu Yongkai, Wei Dong, Qiu Deshu, Zhu Wei, Zeng Shanqing, and Qiu Xiaofei. 入选参展艺术家包括:聂鸥、肖平(音译)、徐乐乐、陈子庄、丁衍庸、胡永凯、魏东、仇德树、朱伟、曾善庆、仇晓飞。

The Williams College Museum of Art is located on Main Street in Williamstown, Massachusetts. 威廉姆斯大学美术馆位于麻萨诸塞州威廉姆斯镇主街旁。

LInk: www.wcma.org

Review: record.williams.edu

Photos of Zhu Wei's Solo Show from Shanghai 朱伟在上海的展览照片


Zhu Wei's Solo Show at Front Line Contemporary in Shanghai started from May 21 to July 24, 2010. 9 works including his hand painted woodblock prints, lithographs, sculpture and sketch of ink and color on paper is exhibited. 朱伟作品展2010年5月21日至7月24 日在上海Front Line Contemporary举办,共展出艺术家近年手绘木版画、石版画,雕塑及水墨作品粉本共九件。

朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览

朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览 朱伟展览



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