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Exhibition in Djakarta


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Venue: Art Seasons Gallery, Djakarta, Indonesia 

Period: From 1 to 31 March 2007

Link: www.artseasons.com

Zhu Wei's Sculpture at ANTIQUAIRS2007


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Venue: Tour & Taxis, avenue du Port 86 C/ B - 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Period: From 19 to 28 January 2007



Zhu Wei's new studio will open in the spring of 2007


The new studio is a loft located in Central Business District in Beijing, which is 2928 square feet and 18.4 feet high. The building  has been completed in November 2006. 朱伟位于北京CBD的新工作室将于明年春天开始使用。这个标准的Loft工作室面积272平米,房高5.6米,该建筑已于2006年11月完工。

New Studio New Studio New Studio

Zhu Wei, Xu Lei, Peng Wei - Three Artists' Exhibition


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Zhu Wei, Xu Lei and Peng Wei are three outstanding Chinese contemporary  ink and wash painters. The subtle inner link between them is the thousands years of Chinese traditions which the modern Chinese still live in but seldom aware of.

Venue: China Art Seasons, Beijing.

From: 11/18/2006.

To: 12/28/2006



Exhibition in Beijing Art Seasons


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The last one of Utopia series, which is also the largest Chinese ink and color on paper (600 X 850 cm approx.) that had ever been created by Zhu Wei, will be shown in Beijing, Singapore and Djakarta in Art Seasons Gallery from November 2006 to May 2007. 朱伟的乌托邦系列最后一张,也是他迄今为止创作的最大一张中国水墨画(约600X850厘米)于2006年11月至2007年5月在北京、新加坡、雅加达的季节画廊展出。

Curators' Choice: China


In Curators' Choice: China at the Art Complex Museum, works of art spanning the period from the Shang Dynasty to the present will be exhibited from September 24, 2006 through January 14, 2007. The exhibit presents a range of media and technique: painting, calligraphy, sculpture, bronze, ceramics, jade, glass, textiles, furniture, snuff bottles and jewelry. It draws on the rich permanent collection of the museum and juxtaposes it with works by seven contemporary artists working in a continuous line with the Chinese tradition.

China Diary No.51

Zhu Wei is one of the contemporary artists. His works CHINA DIARY was created in 2001. In this works, Zhu Wei reconfigures the image of oxen portrayed in Han Huang (Tang Dynasty)'s famous Five Oxen painting. Although he employs similar color, form and use of seals, he paints the oxen larger than life, underscoring their importance as cultural icons. He utilizes the ancient fine line technique in his twenty-first century art works, and in the exhibition this works goes well with the works by Chinese ancient master Bada Shanren and Gao Qipei. 

This show affords the Art Complex Museum an opportunity to share the quality and variety of its holdings and present new interpretations of the Chinese nation's artistic heritage. An opening reception is scheduled for Sunday, October 15, 1:30 until 3:30 pm.


2006年9月24日到2007年1月14日,在美国马萨诸塞州Art Complex博物馆举办的《评论家的抉择:中国》展将展出一系列从商代到当代的杰出艺术品。此次展览涵盖绘画、书法、雕塑、铜制品、瓷器、玉器、玻璃制品、纺织品、家具、鼻烟壶和珠宝,除博物馆的永久馆藏精品外,还包括朱伟等七位与中国传统一脉相承的当代艺术家的作品。 


此次展览给了Art Complex博物馆一个机会来与大家分享它精深广博的藏品以及对中国艺术传统的当代诠释。开幕酒会将在1015日星期天下午130330举行。

The Art Complex Museum | Asia Source | The Patriot Ledger

Zhu Wei brought his works to Historic Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition (1976-2006) 


30 years after reform and opening up, Chinese ink and wash has entered into a new historic period. As a summing-up of this phase, the Historic Chinese Ink Painting exhibition, which organized by famous curator Liu Xiaochun, will be held in Jiangsu Art Museum. The tenet of this exhibition is, from the special perspective of representative artists and representative curators, to review, comb, research and bring forth the tremendous change and important accomplishment during the latest 30 years of Chinese ink and wash history. The exhibition will be divided into more detailed categories by art trend or art phenomena: Extension and development of realism ink and wash, Extension and development of traditional ink and wash, Trend of thoughts in new literati’s paintings, New Zhejiang School, New Meticulous (Gongbi) and Rock (Yancai) Paintings, Expressive (Xieyi) Painting variation, Symbolistic Landscape, Historical novel of Symbol, Contest of Brush and Ink, Being and Nothingness, From Expressive to Doodle, Urban Hardship and Urban Complex, Homeland expression, Abstract ink and wash, Appropriation and Alteration of popular pattern, New Image, Lithography Imago, Fringe Ink and Wash, In the Name of Ink and Wash…The exhibition duration is from October 17 to 27, 2006, and 60 to 70 artists are invited. All of the artists are outstanding in deploitation and creation of multi criterions. 

Zhu Wei accepted the invitation, and brought 5 works from his Spring Herald series and Utopia series to this important academic event of this year.

Spring Herald No.1  Spring Herald No.3  Vernal Equinox No.3  click for big picture




Zhu Wei's "China China" Has Been Installed on Maryland Avenue by Gateway Foudation



The St. Louis-based Gateway Foundation, dedicated to enriching the region's life and culture "by supporting efforts to acquire, create or improve tangible and durable art and urban design," has installed nearly 20 sculptures in St. Louis and St. Louis County since the first one 20 years ago. The foundation's permanent collection includes sculptures by Bernar Venet, Tony Smith, Igor Mitoraj, Steven Gregory and Masayuki Nagare.  Now Zhu Wei's bronze sculpture "China China" joined them, and has been installed on Maryland Avenue in the Central West End. The foundation purchased the sculpture in 2003 and still remains responsible for its maintenance.


Zhu Wei and Midi Music Festival


New Pictures of the Strikingly Bizarre #2 Booklet and Tickets

Zhu Wei has been keen on Rock-and-Roll for nearly twenty years, but only until this month all his friends in Beijing have the chance to know that he is a really huge fan. From May 1st to 4th, the HaiDian Park has been boiling for four days because of Midi Music Festival--the biggest Rock-and-Roll festival in China. Zhu’s New Pictures of the Strikingly Bizarre No.2 (Zhu Wei and Singapore Tyler Print Institute, 2004) has been used as the official image standing for the Festival. In order to make the 7th Midi Music Festival achieve an international standard, Zhu and Mr. Zhang Fan, the founder of Midi, went to Shanghai specially to watch the Rolling Stone show, and got many inspiration from the world famous band. This year’s Midi is the most overwhelming one - four stages had attracted over 1 hundred thousand audiences in 4 days.



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MODERN WEEKLY | sina. com.cm | midifestival. com

Zhu Wei's First Solo Exhibition in Beijing 朱伟在北京红门画廊的首次个展 2006

Invitation Card of the Exhibition Utopia No.59

Owing to a promise thirteen years ago, Zhu Wei and Brian Wallace finally have an opportunity to cooperate in 2006, so there is the up-coming Zhu Wei's first solo exhibition in Red Gate Gallery,  and this is also his first show in Beijing, and in Mainland China.

Seven colorful prints made in Singapore Tyler Print Institute and six ink-and-color-on-papers created in 2004 and 2005 will be exhibited.  Red Gate Gallery is the first proper professional art gallery in Beijing, Zhu said, nearly a hundred galleries opened in this city with time moving on, however, comparing with them, Red Gate Gallery has been proved outstanding by time.

TIMEOUT BEIJING | Chinese version of TIMEOUT BEIJING | That's Beijing | MODERN WEEKLY | Red Gate Gallery  

Zhu Wei's New Prints Show Up in "Apologue: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition"          2005

On October 29th "Apologue: Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition" opened in Hang Zhou. Being invited, Zhu Wei appeared in the opening with his new print series "New Pictures of the Strikingly Bizarre". This is also the first time this series appear in mainland China. The exhibition contains works covering a broad spectrum of contemporary art, including installation, video, photo and painting. Artist Wang Guangyi, Zhang Xiaogang, Ye Yongqing and Liu Dahong also bring their new works to the show.

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Zhu Wei: New Pictures of the Strikingly Bizarre in Singapore and Hong Kong     2005

With the exploding global interest in Asian art everyone wants to know which artists will stand the test of time. Amongst them, one man, Zhu Wei stands tall. Though only 39 years old, this quiet and self-sufficient artist is producing some of the most exciting and dynamic work in Asia.

This brand new series of handmade prints, created by Zhu Wei at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2004, demonstrates why Zhu Wei has the international art world’s attention.

Already a prolific and highly talented printmaker, at STPI Zhu Wei was able to push his boundaries even further, creating very large woodblocks which suit the imposing scale and expansive nature of his art - the largest woodcut being a 6 panel piece over 4m wide. With his distinctive, monumental figures and satirical political commentary, this new body of work has a sharpness, wit and confidence which is both arresting and thought provoking.

Seen as representative of the maturing of China’s modern art, Zhu Wei’s work is in much demand. Following the show in Singapore by STPI and in Hong Kong by Plum Blossoms Gallery, the print series will be exhibited in New York, USA at the end of this year.

exhibition in Singapore exhibition in Hong Kong exhibition in Hong Kong


CHINA ON THE CUSP June 22 - 25, 2004

Curated by Joe-Hynn Yang, Head of Chinese Works of Art, and Mee-seen Long, Senior Vice-President, Chinese Works of Art Department, Sotheby’s North America.

In the exhibition

CHINA ON THE CUSP introduces major contemporary artists from China exploring issues of identity, personal expression and the conflict between the nation’s history of socialist propaganda and the contemporary shift to economic market-liberalism. Among the artists shown, many of whom have deservedly gained international recognition, are Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Wang Guanyi, Zhang Hongtu,

Zhu Wei, and Fang Lijun. Focusing on works on paper, oils and sculpture, this exhibition supplements the major exhibition of video and photography, “Between Past and Future”, currently ongoing at the Asia Society and the International Center of Photography. It reveals the range of major Chinese artists working in multiple media, such as Hong Hao, Song Dong, and Zhan Wang, as different and complementary works in both exhibitions reveal their development and distinctiveness as artists. CHINA ON THE CUSP heralds the powerful emergence, not just of the nation itself, but of its leading young visionaries in art.


The First Visiting Artist from China in Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)     2004

The STPI team Artist In Singapore

Zhu Wei is the first mainland Chinese artist to be invited onto STPI's Visiting Artist programme (VAP). Working with STPI's international print- and paper-making team in March and April 2004, Zhu Wei produced a series of 8 etchings and 7 woodcuts.

Zhu Wei's large bronze sculpture installed at 590 Madison Avenue IBM Building, New York     2004

Zhu Wei's "China China' bronze sculptures installed in the lobby of the IBM building at 590 Madison Avenue. In a first ever exhibit of modern Chinese art at the IBM building, the sculpture complements the Andy Warhol, Indiana Robert, Michael Heizer and Alexander Calder works permanently on display.

Plum Blossoms


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