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TIME  Magazine 《时代周刊》

Vol 154 No.7/8

August 23-30 1999 一九九九年八月二十三-三十日刊


TIME, Vol 154 No.7/8, August 23 - August 30, 1999

The special issue for the coming millennium TIME 100 included a series of articles about the most influential Asians of the century. Andy Warhol’s “Mao” and Zhu Wei’s work China China were used with the articles about Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, the only two Chinese from People’s Republic of China in the 100.

Time: Deng Xiaoping

1999823 - 830日号美国《时代周刊》千禧年特刊《时代100》亚洲世纪风云人物刊登了《时代周刊》评选的本世纪最有影响力的100位人物中的亚洲部分。中国的毛泽东与邓小平均榜上有名。杂志第77页发表了苏黎世的托马斯.阿曼提供的安迪.沃霍尔八十年代创作的丝网版画作品“毛泽东”用于配合文章《毛泽东》;而第90页发表了由Plum Blossoms画廊提供的朱伟九十年代创作的水墨作品“中国·中国”,以配合文章《邓小平》。