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Oriental Art  


Oriental Art . Master 《东方艺术.大家》

First Semimonthly of December 2010 二零一零年十二月上半月刊

Oriental Art·Masters, for the first semimonthly issue of December 2010


P.136,  upside, Zhu Wei, Spring Herald No.1, ink and color on paper, 65 x 101.5 cm, 2003

P.136, downside, Zhu Wei, Vernal Herald No.3, ink and color on paper, 2006

P.137, Zhu Wei, Utopia No.57, ink and color on paper, 2005

Zhu Wei

Reason for choosing Zhu Wei: The complex technical feature of the material, namely ink and wash adopted by Zhu Wei in his works, dissolved the quick and cheap feature in conceptual art brought about by the interference of modern industry, and constructed a special linguistic characteristic different from other easel paintings with its unique modeling way and material quality. He usually represent themes about modern society with subject matters originated from Chinese traditional painting and reflect the grassroots life and various social phenomena existed since early 1980s when the Reform and Opening up was in its initial stage from an extremely personal perspective.

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136页 上 朱伟 报春图一号 水墨设色纸本 65 x 101.5 cm 2003年

136页 下 朱伟 开春图三号 水墨设色纸本 2006年

137页 朱伟 乌托邦五十七号 水墨设色纸本 2005年