Zhu Wei is the world’s most renowned contemporary Chinese ink painter and the art form’s most important explorer. He is also among the very first group of distinguished contemporary Chinese artists recognized by the international art audience in the nineties of the 20th century. 朱伟是最具国际声誉的当代水墨画家,是中国当代水墨画最重要的探索者和代表人物之一。朱伟同时又是上个世纪九十年代最早一批得到国际艺术界认可的中国当代艺术家中的一位。


Amongst the vast outstanding group of contemporary Chinese artists, Zhu Wei is one of the very few who chooses to use traditional ink painting technique to depict the social sceneries in modern days’ China. His paintings make up for an area that has often been overlooked in contemporary Chinese art, art that have local painting elements. His effort in research improves the chances of contemporary art to be relevant in China and makes it a substantial phenomenon. It allows the world to see paintings with authentic Eastern origins, to read its contemporary values, thoughts and above all, its power. 在众多中国当代艺术家中,朱伟是极少的几位以传统水墨画诠释当代中国社会现状的艺术家之一。他的绘画弥补了中国当代艺术缺少本土绘画参与这一必要环节,他的努力研究增加了当代艺术在本土落地的可能性以及延续性,也让世界看到了真正来源于东方绘画的当代趣味和观念以及它的功力。

----Zhu Wei's Album of Ink Paintings 1988-2008, published by Plum Blossoms (International) Ltd., Hong Kong, 2008, p.11. 《朱伟水墨册页1988-2008》,Plum Blossoms画廊(国际)有限公司2008年香港出版,p.11



Zhu Wei is the first artist adopting meticulous (Gong-bi) ink painting language into Chinese contemporary art scene. When many Chinese new artists were working on “political pop” and “ironic realism” oil paintings, Zhu was exploring the possibility to reflect contemporary Chinese political and social life with traditional meticulous ink and wash, and had completed representative series from then on. His motifs differentiate his art from those traditional meticulous ink paintings, however, the techniques Zhu employed, such as coloring, outlining, blending and other, still remain the fundamental characteristics of traditional. The dramatic contrast between traditional art language and contemporary political social motifs makes his art irresistibly appealing. 朱伟是第一位将工笔画手法引进中国当代艺术领域的艺术家。当大量的中国新锐艺术家用油画来做“政治波普”和“讽刺现实主义”作品时,他便开始探索传统的工笔画来表现当代中国的政治生活的可能性,完成了有代表性的系列作品。他的作品已经与传统的工笔水墨画产生了巨大的差距,但在设色、勾勒、晕染等技术层面保持了基本的特征。他作品的传统语言与当代政治生活图景之间的反差使作品获得了难以抗拒的吸引力。

----ZHU WEI 1988 - 2012, published by Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2013, back cover. 《朱伟 1988 - 2012》,今日美术馆2013年北京出版,封底

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