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GROUP SHOW: Dawit Abebe, Chris Agnew, Kristian Evju, Marie Harnett, Caroline Jane Harris, Sook Jin Jo, Ali Kazim, Mohamed Lekleti, Sverre Malling, Saad Qureshi, Celina Teague, Barbara Walker & Zhu Wei 

PRIVATE VIEW: Saturday 7th of January 2017 3:00 - 7:00PM

8th of January – 18th of February 2017

"Why you? Why us for that matter? Why anything? Because this moment simply is. Have you ever seen bugs trapped in amber?... Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why." -Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

A group show featuring drawing-based works, Everything Exists Now (8th January – 11th February 2017) at Kristin Hjellegjerde gallery, brings together 13 artists who each reflect on their current moment through personal, political and historical viewpoints, united by the common lens of time. Hailing from different backgrounds and artistic practices, the final whole is a nod to the concept of Eternalism, a space in which each moment exists in and of itself, an endless loop in which all these points exist at once. If, indeed, the idea really is that Everything Exists Now, then all moments are present simultaneously.

The artists are linked to each other by disparate yet complementary threads. Historicity, for example, finds life in the Research Lectures series of Chinese artist Zhu Wei, who critiques the darker side of a rapidly evolving China. Birmingham-based artist Barbara Walker's ongoing Shock and Awe drawings bring to the fore the under-recognised role of black servicemen and women in the British Armed Forces and war efforts from 1914 to present day. The fractured politics of the present are parsed through British Chris Agnew's new mixed media series, Hypnic Jerks, in which the physical phenomenon acts as a metaphor through which various socio-political events are examined, both personal and public. Also commenting on the present is Korean Sook Jin Jo's powerful Je Suis series. Combining photography with ink, charcoal and gouache, they reference the recent violence in France, and stand as a symbol of strength, protection and freedom. Her work often has an environmental slant as well, something Celina Teague's coloured pencil works also touch upon, with their preoccupation with the relentless and senseless slaughter of elephants and rhinos.

Fragmentation, meanwhile, emerges in the work of Paris-based Moroccan artist Mohamed Lekleti. His Plastic Anagrams feature broken up hybrids; men, women, and body parts in montages uniting ecstasy and violence, as if viewing multiple timeframes at once. This sensation of disintegration finds a common ground in Saad Qureshi's delicate plywood pieces. Much of his work looks to capture memories, examining how they are subject to constant revision, a chain of disconnected details that make up a past that is under constant scrutiny. The past is also found in Ali Kazim's Ruins. These watercolour drawings illustrate the landscape outside of Lahore, once the flourishing Indus Valley, and now a desolate landscape that serves as a burial site, still dotted with ancient mounts and strewn with terracotta shards from a distant past. Two London-based artists deal with the cutting up and slowing of time: Marie Harnett takes moments from films, a fragment of time, to capture a split second film still, laboriously reproducing it in pencil, as in Karenina, making a moment exist forever. Caroline Jane Harris, meanwhile, has captured the fleeting composition of one of her pixelated hand-cut photographs. Slow Data (Window), is a drawing physically executed in layers akin to a 3D printer; the process reveals an image passing through the realms of the three-dimensional to the digital, alluding to the irreversible direction of time and technological obsolescence in our fast-paced age.

Indeed, time moves, and it moves relentlessly. If Zhu Wei examines the effects of social change in China, then Ethiopian Dawit Abebe's Mutual Identity mixed media works examine the impact of technology on individuals in his home country, but also the effect on social interaction as a whole. Norwegian artist Kristin Evju also meditates on change, creating a semi-fictional historical narrative in Punchcard, a series of drawings examining a near-distant past in which tech that was once so groundbreaking is already a place we cease to understand. Elsewhere, as in Sverre Malling's latest drawings, fragments are drawn together from many sources: futuristic images converge with those from the past in a contradictory fashion. He seeks to translate into drawing using the collage form as a cognitive form of expression. These fragmented images exist in a state of flux, floating between concept, form and expression.

All histories, all thoughts, all memories, fragmented as they are over the sands of time, hover in the same moment; our pasts and presents and futures all hover in one, overarching 'now', and all we can do is seek to let go and float within it. Or, in the words of Kurt Vonnegut: "I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep." 中文

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Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery
533 Old York Road
London SW18 1TG

Link: Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery | Art Radar

Zhu Wei Brings Newest Paintings To The 9th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen 朱伟最新作亮相第九届深圳国际水墨双年展


On March 27 the 9th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen opened at Guanshanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen. Curated by famous curator Lu Hong, Chen Jun and Yang Xiaoyang, ink artworks created by 103 world-renowned artists are exhibited in Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum and Shenzhen Fine Art Institute these days. Zhu Wei's newest ink paintings created in 2016 "Ink and Wash Research Lectures series" are shown in the exhibition. 3月27日"第九届深圳国际水墨双年展"在关山月美术馆拉开帷幕,展览汇集103位海内外知名艺术家的水墨作品,由著名策展人鲁虹、陈君、杨晓洋策展,分别在关山月美术馆、深圳美术馆和深圳画院美术馆展出。此次展览中朱伟带来的是《水墨研究课徒系列》2016年的新作。

"In these works he no longer paints on Xuan paper or silk, but newspapers which people are quite familiar with. Since what he paints are red curtain and other related symbols, his works are hence more profound in the concept and in the expression."--Lu Hong. “在这些作品中,他不再用熟宣纸与绢作画,而是采用了人们司空见惯的报纸。由于画的是红色帷幕与相关符号,故其作品在观念的表达上更显深刻。”——鲁虹

The exhibition will run through April 24. 展期将持续到4月24日。

Ninth Anniversary of Zhu Wei's Studio at CBD area of Beijing 朱伟位于北京CBD的工作室九周年


Zhu Wei's Studio

A New Fine Line: Contemporary Ink Painting from China 新工笔:中国当代水墨展预告


Center of Visual Art Opening

The Ink and Wash Research Lectures series 水墨研究课徒系列 2015 The Ink and Wash Research Lectures series 水墨研究课徒系列 2014 The Ink and Wash Research Lectures series 水墨研究课徒系列 2014

Place: Metropolitan State University Center for the Visual Arts - Denver, Colorado, USA 展场:大都会州立大学视觉艺术中心 - 美国科罗拉多州丹佛市

Date: Aug 07, 2015 to Oct 17, 2015 展期:2015年8月7日-10月17日

Artists: The exhibit is organized and curated by the Asian Art Coordinating Council and features the work of 9 of China's best contemporary Gongbi ink artists: Zhu Wei, Lu Peng, Jin Sha, Zhang Qing, Gao Qian, Zhang Jian, Chen Zi,Hang Chunhui and Shang Jingkui. 本展览由美国亚洲艺术委员会策划,将展出的作品来自于中国最好的当代工笔艺术家:朱伟、吕鹏、金沙、张庆、高茜、张见、陈子、杭春晖、商京奎。

Curator: Julie Segraves 策展人:史珏丽

link: denverarts.org | hyperallergic.com

China 8 - Contemporary Art From China At Rhine & Ruhr 中国8——莱茵鲁尔区中国当代艺术展


From May 15 to September 13 this year, exhibition China 8 - Contemporary Art From China At Rhine & Ruhr will be held in nine museums in eight cities in Germany's Rhine Ruhr metropolitan region. Curated by German Curator Walter Smerling and Chinese curator Fan Di-an, the biggest ever contemporary Chinese art exhibition ever held in Germany will bring more than 500 artworks from 120 Chinese contemporary artists. The 8 museums include Museum Folkwang, Osthaus Museum Hagen, Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen, Lehmbruck Museum, MKM Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst, and NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. Zhu Wei's ink paintings Ink and Wash Research Lectures series and Curtain No.10 will be shown in the "Tradition Today – Ink Painting and Calligraphy" exhibition held at Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen. 2015年5月15日至9月13日,《中国8——莱茵鲁尔区中国当代艺术展》在德国莱茵鲁尔地区的8个城市9座博物馆同时举行,展览展示了来自中国的120余位当代艺术家的500多件作品。德方策展人瓦尔特·斯迈林、中方策展人范迪安策划的这次展览 是迄今为止在德国举行的对中国当代艺术最大规模的一次汇集,参展的有埃森市福克博 物馆、哈根市奥斯特豪斯博物馆、马尔市雕塑博物馆、雷克林豪森市艺术馆、盖尔森基 兴市艺术博物馆、杜伊斯堡伦布鲁克博物馆和现代艺术博物馆MKM 以及杜塞尔多夫北 威州论坛中心。朱伟水墨作品《水墨研究课徒系列》及《帷幕之十》将在盖尔森基 兴市艺术博物馆举办的主题为"传统在当今——水墨画和书法"展览中展出。

Link: artron.net | china8.de

Asia Society Hong Kong Center Collects Zhu Wei's Ink and Wash 亚洲协会香港中心收藏朱伟水墨作品


The world famous non-for-profit, non-government educational organization Asia Society recently published its art collections donated by Red Rock Studio, including 10 ink paintings created by Zhu Wei in the early twenty-first century such as Great Water and Utopia series. The Asia Society was founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller 3rd in New York. It is a leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding of the countries and cultures of Asia and international issues that impact the region in a global context. Asia Society boasts extensive regional and international network of leaders and scholars, providing professional and broad programs of business, policy, arts and culture for a wide range of audiences. Asia Society Hong Kong Center was established in 1990. In 2012 the Hong Kong Center established its new permanent home in Admiralty, a group of historic structures on a former British military site. Hong Kong Center offers a broad selection of programs of world-class arts, performances, etc. to the public. 世界知名的非盈利、非政府教育机构以及领先的学术平台亚洲协会香港中心日前公布了其收藏的石红斋捐赠藏品,其中包括朱伟创作于二十一世纪初的十幅水墨《大水》、《乌托邦》等系列。亚洲协会于1956年由约翰·洛克菲勒三世在纽约创立,在环球领域上致力于推动各界对亚洲国家与文化、以及对亚洲地区构成影响的环球议题的认识,同时亦与地区和国际领袖和学者积极建立网络,为大众提供专业而广泛的活动,包括商业、政策、艺术、文化、教育等。其香港中心成立于1990年,2012年在位于香港金钟的具有历史意义的前英军建筑群建立其永久会址。中心配备世界级艺术、表演的设施,为大众提供多元化的艺术活动。

Zhu Wei's Solo Exhibition at Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art Will Be Opened Soon 朱伟在南京艺术学院美术馆个展即将开幕


Invitation of opening reception 开幕式活动邀请函

At 7 pm on December 24, 2014, the academic exhibition Zhu Wei's Exhibition 2014 - 2015 and the museum's Christmas Eve ceremony will be opened at the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Art (AMNUA), Nanjing. The opening reception "Have Fun with Zhu Wei on Christmas Eve" was organized by the museum. The event planner Zheng Wen said: "AMNUA seleted the solo exhibition of world famous artist Zhu Wei who's known for his contemporary Chinese meticulous paintings as the Christmas Eve exhibition, is to celebrate the Western festival in an Eastern way." In addition to artist Zhu Wei and AMNUA chief curator Li Xiaoshan, the museum also invited many well-known artists, musicians, gourmets, curators, collectors, and medias to the event. On the opening night the documentary film Hidden Clues: Zhu Wei will be shown in the museum's cafe. 2014年12月24日19:00整,朱伟2014—2015跨年学术展开幕式暨南艺美术馆平安夜派对将拉开帷幕。本次开幕活动“和朱伟一块儿过平安夜“由南京艺术学院美术馆主办,活动策划人郑闻认为:美术馆选择以当代工笔闻名海外的艺术家朱伟个展作为南艺美术馆跨年之作,是“以东方的方式庆祝世界的节日。”除艺术家朱伟和南艺美术馆馆长李小山,南艺美术馆还邀请诸多知名艺术家、音乐人、美食家、策展人、收藏家、媒体人等参加此次盛会。当晚将于美术馆咖啡厅放映纪录片《隐秘的线索:朱伟》。

Organizer 主办; Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA) 南京艺术学院美术馆

Curator 策展人: Li Xiaoshan 李小山

Academic Moderator 学术主持: Zheng Wen 郑闻

Venue 展览地点: AMNUA Hall 4 南京艺术学院美术馆4展厅

Duration 展览时间: December 24, 2014 -- January 15, 2015 2014年12月24日——2015年1月15日

Link: AMNUA Official Website 南艺美术馆官网 | www.99ys.com 99艺术网 | www.artron.net 雅昌艺术网 | Hi Art Hi艺术

Link: Documentary film Hidden Clues: Zhu Wei 纪录片《隐秘的线索:朱伟》

Artist Zhu Wei Invited to Design Ferragamo Wine Logo 艺术家朱伟受邀为菲拉格慕设计酒标


wine logo

logo logo

Zhu Wei is invited by Italian fashion brand Ferragamo to design its wine tag of limited edition Brunello di Montalcino 2009. In the design three of Zhu Wei's ink paintings are used, including two of Ink and Wash Research Lectures series in 2014 , and one of China Diary series in 1996. 朱伟受世界著名时尚品牌菲拉格慕邀请,为其麾下2009年份限量版经典Brunello di Montalcino红酒设计酒标。设计中所使用的水墨作品为朱伟1996年的《中国日记》系列,以及2014年的《水墨研究课徒系列》。

WEST SAYS EAST SAYS – Chinese Contemporary Art Research Exhibition 西云东语:中国当代艺术研究展


Zhu Wei's ink painting Curtain (300 x 700 cm) in the exhibition 朱伟水墨作品《帷幕》(300x 700厘米)在展览中

The opening exhibition of United Art Museum in Wuhan "West Says East Says - Chinese Contemporary Art Research Exhibition" was unveiled on October 17th 2014. In the exhibition Chinese curator Lu Hong, the former Hamburg Art Museum curator Claus Mewes, art director Li Quanwu, the former president of Goethe Institut Michael Kahn-Ackermann, and producer of the museum Huang Liping bring more than 200 artworks by 87 artists: Wang Guangyi, Wang Huaiqing, Wang Du, Mao Xuhui, Fang Lijun, Yin Xiuzhen, Shi Chong, Lu Hao, Zhu Wei, Xiang Jing, Liu Qinghe, Jiang Dahai, Su Xiaobai, Li Quanwu, Yang Qian, Xiao Feng, Li Jikai, He Duoling, He An, Leng Jun, Shen Qin, Song Dong, Zhang Dali, Zhang Yu, Zhang Quan, Chen Wenling, Chen Wenji, Fan Bo, Shang Yang, Yue Minjun, Jin Feng, Pang Maokun, Xu Bing, Xu Tan, Zhan Wang, Cui Xiuwen, Liang Shaoji, Liang Quan, Fu Zhongwang, Wei Hong, Tan Ping, Miu Xiaochun, Xue Song, Wei Guangqing, etc. It is worth noting that contemporary ink painting which is beloved by curators and market appears as an eye-catching unit. For art consultant Ackermann, the most unique part of Chinese contemporary art is the contemporary ink painting. This exhibition is planned to be shown at Hamburg Art Museum in May and June next year. 武汉合美术馆开幕展“西云东语:中国当代艺术研究展”于10月17日拉开帷幕。中方策展人鲁虹、德方策展人前汉堡美术馆馆长米弗斯、美术馆艺术总监李全武、艺术顾问原德国歌德学院院长阿克曼及美术馆出品人黄立平携手带来了王广义、王怀庆、王度、毛旭辉、方力钧、尹秀珍、石冲、卢昊、朱伟、向京、刘庆和、江大海、苏笑柏、李全武、李继开、杨千、肖丰、何多苓、何岸、冷军、沈勤、宋冬、张大力、张羽、张诠、陈文令、陈文骥、范勃、尚扬、岳敏君、金锋、庞茂琨、徐冰、徐坦、展望、崔岫闻、梁绍基、梁铨、傅中望、靳卫红、谭平、缪晓春、薛松、魏光庆等87位中国当代艺术家的200余件作品。值得注意的是,被学术和市场钟爱的当代水墨作为独立单元抢眼亮相,在顾问阿克曼看来,中国当代艺术中最具特色的部分当推中国当代水墨。该展览计划于明年5、6月移师德国汉堡美术馆。

New Prints 新版画


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Ink and Wash Research Ink and Wash Research

In close cooperation with two museums, two new Zhu Wei's silkscreen prints were released recently. These limited editions are both based on The Ink and Wash Research Lectures series, an ink painting series created by Zhu Wei. Photo: the artist signed and numbered new prints. 在与两家博物馆机构的密切合作下,基于朱伟水墨作品《水墨研究课徒系列》的两种限量丝网版画新作近日先后出炉。图为艺术家在版画上签名及标注版号。

Lambert Airport to Be Home for Zhu Wei Sculpture 朱伟雕塑将落户兰伯特机场

From ABC News , USA, June 13 2014 来源于美国《ABC新闻》2014年6月13日稿

A prominent St. Louis work of art is moving to Lambert Airport. 圣路易斯市的著名艺术作品将迁至兰伯特机场展出。

The St. Louis-based Gateway Foundation will loan the sculpture "China China" by Chinese artist Zhu Wei to the airport for 10 years, with extension options. It will be displayed by July in the Terminal 1 ticketing level lounge. 圣路易斯的Gateway基金会将把其拥有的朱伟作品雕塑《中国中国》借与兰伯特国际机场展览十年,此后可延长展期。雕塑将于7月开始陈列于一号航站楼售票厅。

The 6-foot-tall bronze sculpture features two ancient Chinese tomb-like figures and was most recently displayed in a Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. 这件6英尺高的铜雕塑是两个古代中国的墓葬式人物形象,此前它位于圣路易斯市中心西路。

Link: abc News abc新闻

China China Lambert Airport installing the sculpture

Check out Lambert airport’s new sculpture 看看兰伯特机场的新雕塑

From St. Louis Business Journal, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, June 12 2014 来源于美国密苏里州圣路易斯市《圣路易斯商报》2014年6月12日稿

文/Jacob Kirn

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s renovated Terminal 1 will soon showcase a bronze sculpture from Beijing artist Zhu Wei, one of China’s most financially successful. 兰伯特-路易斯国际机场刚翻新一号航站楼将很快迎来由北京艺术家朱伟创作的铜雕塑。朱伟是中国商业上最成功的艺术家之一。

The piece’s two characters are in tunic suits, usually associated with Chairman Mao’s Communist China. (Zhu, who also specializes in printmaking and painting, entered the military as a teenager and created propaganda art until 1992.) 雕塑中是两个穿中山装的人,这通常让人联想到毛主席的社会主义中国。(朱伟还擅长版画和绘画,十几岁参军创作宣传艺术,直到1992年。)

“I have always tried to use traditional Chinese elements because we have thousands of years of history,” Zhu told the New York Times in 2005. “From the beginning, I have been trying to show how to modernize the past.” “我一直试图用传统的中国元素,因为我们有几千年的历史,”朱伟2005年对纽约时报说,“从一开始我就一直在试图展示如何使过去现代化。”

A Lambert spokesman said the 2003 sculpture, China China, which previously was on display at the IBM building in Manhattan and at 4691 Maryland Ave., in the Central West End, will be on display in the Terminal 1 ticketing lounge for at least 10 years. It is on loan from the Gateway Foundation. 兰伯特机场的发言人说,这个2003年制作的雕塑《中国中国》以前曾被陈列在曼哈顿的IBM大厦和市中心西区马里兰大道4691号,现在它将在一号航站楼售票厅至少展示10年。它是向Gateway基金会借展的。

Lambert’s Art Advisory Committee, which has seven members, endorsed the display of China China. 兰伯特机场的艺术咨询委员会有七个成员,他们均支持《中国中国》的展览。

Art Advisory Committee members are: David Allen, director, Metro Arts In Transit; Susan Marie Barrett, director, World Chess Hall of Fame; Laura Helling, director of development at Wings of Hope; Marilu Knode, director of the Laumeier Sculpture Park; Jill Macquire, executive director for the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission; Tricia Paik, former associate curator of modern and contemporary art at the St. Louis Art Museum; and attorney Freida Wheaton. 艺术咨询委员会成员有:戴维艾伦,运输地铁艺术主任;苏珊玛丽巴雷特,世界象棋名人堂主任;劳拉海玲,希望之翅发展总监;玛丽卢诺德,Laumeier雕塑公园主任;吉尔麦夸尔,圣路易斯地区艺术委员会执行主任;特里西娅派克,圣路易斯现当代艺术博物馆前副馆长;芙蕾达惠顿,律师。

All members are appointed by the mayor of St. Louis. 所有的成员都是由圣路易斯市长任命。

The nonprofit Gateway Foundation, which owns art works around St. Louis, reported revenue of $2.6 million and expenses of $1.7 million in 2012, according to its most recent tax filing with the Internal Revenue Service. 非营利的Gateway基金会拥有这件艺术作品,根据国税局最新的纳税申报,2012年这个基金会收入2600000美元,支出1700000美元。

Link: St. Louis Business Journal 圣路易斯商报 | Lambert St. Louis International Airport 美国圣路易斯市机场官网

Zhu Wei's Ink Painting was Collected in Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at University of Oxford 朱伟水墨作品被牛津大学阿什莫林艺术与考古博物馆收藏


Established more than three hundred years ago, the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology at University of Oxford is usually recognized as the first university museum, and the first public museum in English speaking countries. Zhu Wei's early ink paintings "Go West No.9 " and "My Lover, I want to fight side by side with you" are one of the few Chinese contemporary art works collected by Ashmolean Museum. 至今有三百余年历史的英国牛津大学阿什莫林艺术与考古博物馆被公认是英语世界中第一个成立的大学博物馆,也是第一个公众博物馆。阿什莫林博物馆收藏的朱伟早期水墨作品《九十年代之九》以及《爱人我要和你去战斗》是该馆为数不多的中国当代艺术藏品之一。

藏品介绍1 Introduction1 藏品介绍2 Introduction2

Jiangsu Art Museum “A New Account of Meticulous Paintings – 2014 New Gongbi Invitation Exhibition” 江苏省美术馆“工笔新语——2014新工笔画邀请展”


Jiangsu Art Museum Exhibition Exhibition jiangsu museum

Sponsored by Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, curated by internationally renowned curator Lu Hong, exhibition "A New Account of Meticulous Paintings – 2014 New Gongbi Invitation Exhibition" are presenting works by 23 leading meticulous painting artists in Jiangsu Art Museum from May 29 to June 4 2014. The exhibition title is derived from the Song Dynasty notes-novel "A New Account of the Tales of the World (Shi Shuo Xin Yu)". The New means not only new forms of painting, but also new concepts and new feelings the artists express. Artists: A Hai, Chen Xiangbo, Cui Jin, Gao Qian, Hang Chunhui, Hao Shiming, He Jiaying, He Jian, Jiang Hongwei, Jiang Jian, Li Jinguo, Li Xiaoxuan, Jin, Lu Fusheng, Qin Ai, Sang Huoyao, Wang Yingsheng, Wei Dong, Xu Hualing, Xu Lei, Zhang Jian, Zhou Yong, Zhu Wei. 由凤凰出版传媒集团主办、国际知名策展人鲁虹策展的“工笔新语—2014新工笔画邀请展”于2014年5月29日至6月4日在南京江苏省美术馆新馆举行,展出23位颇具成就的工笔画艺术家的精选作品。展览得名于南朝宋时期的笔记小说《世说新语》,除新工笔画的表现形式之外,亦针对艺术家们所表达的新观念与新感受。参展艺术家:阿海、陈湘波、崔进、高茜、杭春晖、郝世明、何家英、何剑、江宏伟、姜吉安、金沙、李金国、李孝萱、卢辅圣、秦艾、桑火尧、王颖生、魏东、徐华翎、徐累、张见、周湧、朱伟。

Link: Article by Lu Hong 鲁虹文章

Jinling Art Museum “Reshaping Shuimo – The New Conception of History” 金陵美术馆“改造水墨——新的历史观”


From May 25 to June 10 2014, ink painting exhibition "Reshaping Shuimo – The New Conception of History" will be held in Jinling Art Museum in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. Associate curated by Xu Jialing and Li Guohua, curated by Lv Peng, the exhibition will bring ink art works by 14 artists including: Bai Ming, He Canbo, He Weiming, Fu Xuming, Li Huasheng, Liang Quan, Shen Qin, Sun Baijun, Wang Qiuren, Wei Qingji, Xu Lei, Yao Yuan, Zhu Wei. “改造水墨:新的历史观”于2014年5月25日至6月10日在南京金陵美术馆展出。本次展览由徐家玲、李国华担纲策展人,吕澎担任学术主持,展出白明、戴光郁、何灿波、何玮明、傅旭明、李华生、梁铨、沈勤、孙佰钧、王秋人、魏青吉、徐累、姚媛、朱伟共十四位艺术家的水墨作品。

Re-Portrait: 1 Sanguandian 2013 Art Exhibition “再肖像”2013三官殿1号艺术展


poster re portrait exhibited works

Exhibition Title: Re-Portrait - 1 Sanguandian 2013 Art Exhibition 展览名称:再肖像——2013三官殿1号艺术展

Duration: December 13 2013 - February 23 2014 展览时间:2013年12月13日——2014年2月23日

Venue: Hubei Art Museum 展览地点:湖北美术馆

Curator: Lu Hong 策展人:鲁虹

Artists: Fang Lijun, Fang Shaohua, Feng Feng, Shi Chong, Shi Lei, Liu Xuguang, Zhu Wei, Leng Jun, Li Bangyao, Chen Rongbin, Liang Yaner, Zhou Xianglin, Yue Minjun, Pang Maokun, Fan Bo, Nan Xi, Zhao Nengzhi, Xu Mangyao, Fu Zhongwang, Zeng Fanzhi, Cai Guangbin 参展人员:方力钧、方少华、冯 峰、石 冲、石 磊、刘旭光、朱 伟、冷 军、李邦耀、陈荣彬、梁燕儿、周向林、岳敏君、庞茂昆、范 勃、南 溪、赵能智、徐芒耀、傅中望、曾梵志、蔡广斌

Still Water Runs Deep – Six Masters of Chinese Contemporary Meticulous Painting @ Shenzhen Art Museum 宁静致远——中国当代工笔六人展@深圳美术馆


Curated by Lu Hong, Sun Zhenhua, organized by the Shenzhen Art Museum, exhibition "Still Water Runs Deep – Six Masters of Chinese Contemporary Meticulous Painting" was held at Shenzhen Art Museum from November 19th to December 6th. The exhibition features nearly 60 meticulous (gongbi) paintings by six representative artists from China. With various styles almost covering all styles of Chinese contemporary meticulous paintings, the exhibition also is a glimpse of the whole picture of Chinese meticulous painting creation. 由鲁虹、孙振华策划,深圳美术馆主办的“宁静致远——中国当代工笔六人展”于11月19日至12月6日在深圳美术馆展出,该展展出了卢甫圣、魏东、武艺、徐累、周湧、朱伟六位当代艺术家的近60幅作品。此六位艺术家的艺术风格各异,几乎涵盖了中国当代水墨中工笔画的所有风格,从中得以一窥中国画工笔创作的发展全貌。

shenzhen art museum shenzhen art museum shenzhen art museum shenzhen art museum

"Zhu Wei" @ Today Art Museum 今日美术馆朱伟个展现场


Photos 照片集:

Today Art Museum Exhibition

The Exhibition View 展览现场:


Today Art Museum Press Conference Transcripts 今日美术馆新闻发布会记录:speeches of Gao Peng(Today Art Museum curator), Zhu Zhu(curator of the exhibition), Li Xiaoshan(famous art critic), Lu Hong(famous art critic, historian and curator) at press conference of Zhu Wei's solo exhibition.今日美术馆馆长高鹏、策展人朱朱、著名艺术批评家李小山、著名艺术批评家、史学家、策展人鲁虹在朱伟个展新闻发布会上的发言记录。

The Coming Exhibition: Zhu Wei Solo Exhibition @ Today Art Museum 展讯:今日美术馆朱伟个展


invitation 1 ink and wash research lectures series ink and wash research lectures series ink and wash research lectures series

Organizer主办: Today Art Museum in Beijing | Singapore Museum of Contemporary Arts | The National Museum of Indonesia | Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts 北京今日美术馆 | 新加坡MOCA当代美术馆 | 印尼国家博物馆 | 南京艺术学院美术馆

Curator策展人: Zhu Zhu 朱朱

Duration展期: 3 - 10 November 2013 2013年11月3日至10日

Venue地点: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building 1, Today Art Museum, Baiziwan Road No.32, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京朝阳区百子湾路32号今日美术馆1号馆2层

Website: www.todayartmuseum.com

Exhibition in Castle Gallery, Prague 布拉格皇家御马厩美术馆展览


From September 5, 60 artworks from 40 important Chinese artists will be shown in the Castle Gallery in Prague, Czech. Curated by Xin Dong Cheng, "Peking-Praha" is organized under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the embassy of the Chinese People's Republic in Prague. It's the first time Zhu Wei's ink paintings exhibited in Czech. 从九月五日起,六十件来自四十位杰出中国艺术家的作品将在捷克布拉格皇家御马厩美术馆展出。此次程昕东策展的“北京-布拉格”展由捷克文化部与中国驻捷大使馆共同举办,这也是捷克观众第一次在本土看到朱伟的水墨作品。

The Castle Gallery was once royal stables at Prague Castle, now became a famous art museum. Besides paintings from Rudolf II's collections, the gallery also displays works by Tizian, Tintoretto, Rubens, Czech Baroque Art and others. 皇家御马厩美术馆历史上曾是皇宫的马厩,现已成为捷克著名的艺术博物馆。该馆长期展出鲁道夫二世的藏品以及提香、丁托列托、鲁本斯、捷克巴洛克艺术等艺术品。

The exhibition runs until September 29. “北京-布拉格”展将持续至九月二十九日。

Castle castle

link: www.kulturanahrade.cz | www.a-tout-prague.com

Exhibition in The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania 罗马尼亚国家当代美术馆展


From June 10 to July 15, "China-Eastern Europe: New Scene of Contemporary Chinese Art" was held in The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania. The exhibition presented artworks from Chinese artists Wang Guangyi, Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhu Wei, Feng Zhengjie, etc. As the only ink painter, Zhu Wei brought his "Album of Vernal Equinox" to the show. 2013年6月10日至7月15日,“中国当代艺术新景象”展在位于首都布加勒斯特的罗马尼亚国家当代美术馆举办。此次展览集中展出了中国艺术家王广义、方力钧、岳敏君、张晓刚、朱伟、俸正杰等人的作品。作为其中唯一一位水墨艺术家,朱伟此次带来的是其水墨作品《开春图册页》。

National Museum 开春图册页十号


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